Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The 10th Wedding Anniversary

It’s a special day for your favourite couple... it’s their 10th Wedding Anniversary!
But you are at a loss--what do you gift them and how do you choose the 'right' gift?

Coppre presents some choice tips and an array of gifting options from their varied collections.

An important tip:  A good way to start is to choose something which both the partners can use and relate to.  That way one does not have to look for multiple products either!

Idea #1: Coppre for the couple with a sweet-tooth

Chocolates & Coppre: Get the most delectable handmade chocolates in town and put in one of our exquisite copper urli or copper trinket box.

copper floaters

Idea #2:  Coppre for the house-proud couple

Lights & Flowers: Enchanting lights to decorate a romantic evening for the twosome. For that special occasion when partners cook a special meal for their significant other.

handcrafted copper tealights

Idea #3: Coppre for the perfect host

Eclectic Tableware: Distinctive tableware to display when the discerning guests come calling. Coppre tableware is guaranteed to enhance the aesthetic value of any table.

unique wedding gifts

Idea #4: Coppre for the health-conscious

Wellness water bearers: The pure copper water bottle which is a must-have for any health-conscious couple. We have an array of carafes, jugs, and tumblers, which juxtapose the teachings of traditional Ayurveda with modern convenience. 

copper anniversary gifts

The last tip: Be sure to inform the owners of your Coppre gift that the decor items are all lacquered and need not be scrubbed to maintain the shine. Infact they should just clean with a soft wet cloth. The kitchen grade (wellness series above) is not lacquered and need to be cleaned with a metal polish or lime/tamarind to retain the shine. The black spots which will come due to natural oxidation is not harmful for health in any way.

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