Saturday, 30 December 2017

In Gratitude

Wrapping up the year in Reflection and Gratitude! 
A great way to end the year is to do so in reflection and gratitude. So here we are at the threshold of 2018, sending our notes of gratitude! Because it takes more than an idea and solid intent to build a social impact organisation; it takes a community. 
Coppre has seen the light of day thanks to people, people and people- mentors, partners, patrons, artisans and more. Our journey has been eventful, full of surprises, both good and bad. But through our highs and lows there have been some individuals and teams who stand out, have encouraged us to go ahead, pushed us to believe in ourselves. 
~Forbes Foundation and Mrs Rati Forbes~ one of the initiators of the Coppre project. Mrs. Forbes brought together the core team and supported the project for the first three years. Thank you dear Rati and Team for giving us the solid foundation we stand on today and your focus on sustainability has become ingrained in our organisation today. 


~INTACH Pune Chapter and Mrs. Arti Kirloskar~ In its inception, INTACH Pune Chapter coordinated what was then Coppre - a livelihood development project funded by Forbes Foundation and coordinated by Intach Pune Chapter (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage). It was 2012 and the Coppre project was launched in a show hosted by then convener of INTACH Pune, Mrs. Arti Kirloskar and Mrs. Rati Forbes. INTACH Pune continued to be the coordinating partner and the project was steered by Supriya Goturkar Mahabaleshwar till 2014. The co convener of INTACH Pune Sharvey Dhongde and member Jui Tawade supported our endeavour in a big way! 

~Mr. Adhar Mirchandani~ Come 2013/14, Mr. Mirchandani supported Coppre lending his time, expertise and resources to build and strengthen the organisation we are today. Your relentless pursuit of excellence and pushing the boundaries of possibilities has inspired us inexplicably! 

~ The Artisans~ You are the very raison d'être for our existence! You were unaware of your great treasures, inherited from forefathers of skills of a handcrafting tradition. It is our privilege and responsibility in shaping the next course the craft will take. Thankyou so much for being there with us and keeping alive the traditions of your forefathers and encouraging your future generations to carry forward this unique legacy.

Back in 2013 we received the craftmark certification when Aarushi from AIACA Delhi visited our craft precincts, interacted with our artisans and validated the handcrafted processes we follow. As we have grown, we continue to be a member and take part in their various outreach efforts. Thankyou team Craftmark for doing what you do best- capacity building, design development, market access and so many other activities for keeping the unique craft stories of India alive.

Lastly, we thank our patrons! We thank you for your discerning eye, for appreciating the great handcrafting traditions of our country, for choosing manmade over machine made. Your every choice is what keeps us going - literally and metaphorically! 

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Gifting Trends... Handcrafted in India

By Team Jaya He Museum and Jaya He Museum Store, CSIA I Guest Post for COPPRE

In 2009, Sanjay Reddy, Vice-Chairman of GVK Power & Infrastructure Limited, articulated his vision for T2 the International Terminal at Mumbai Airport (CSIA): an airport that can compete with any global equivalent but retains a distinct sense of place and identity, an airport that celebrates India.

Jaya He, GVK New Museum at T2 is born of this vision, a landmark corporate initiative to safeguard an immense cultural resource from being lost for posterity. 

Jaya He Museum Store was conceived out of the necessity and passion for providing a platform to the artisans who associated with us for an art program and how to make their work accessible to the public at large, and also provide them a consistent source of revenue.

Mr Rajeev Sethi, one of South Asia’s leading curators and scenographers, has translated this vision into an unprecedented interdisciplinary platform of original art treasures from various regions of the country, commissioned works by master craftspeople as well as artists and designers exploring contemporary visual language.

The Jaya He Museum Store at T2 CSIA

Arguably India’s largest public artwork project to date, Jaya He is a unique platform where these objects and the skills of artisans working in traditional idioms are given contemporary relevance. The Museum store promotes products handmade by Indian artisans only. For the discerning international traveler its a boon to collect some of the #makeinindia last minute souvenirs. Some return to order larger numbers.

Gifts for the discerning

Jaya He as an organisation believe in responsible gifting. While the focus on #makeinindia drives the market, we believe that our inherent cultural heritage needs to be promoted and preserved. The Mumbai Airport (CSIA) hosted the Trinity Forum in 2016 and they decided to pick up hand beaten copper T-lights from Jaya He for the gifting to the delegates made by #Coppre. 

Market demand in the gifting industry for handmade products has risen exponentially in the last few years. We do get a lot of enquiries from Corporates moving to handcrafted goods for gifting. This not only provides scale and reach to the craftspeople but also drives them to refrain from mediocrity imposed because of economic pressures. Corporate gifting is a reflection of the values that the organization stands for and that cannot be achieved by using machine made products. A sizeable number of business travellers visit our shop who later come back to reorder.

Today there are designers and organisations which are associated with certain crafts and are giving them a face-lift by working with the people at the grass root level and also by sincere design interventions. eg the efforts taken by #Coppre by working directly with the metal working artisans. Designer Atul Johri who has worked with the Channapatnam lacquer community and has broadened their creativity by creating utility based items using the lacquer technique which earlier was limited to toys. Another designer working with Tanjore painting is designer N.Ramachandran. He has used his contemporary sensibilities without compromising the original art form and designed an exclusive range with Jaya He.

Today there is a trend to buy products which has a human connection. In today's digital space when everything is available at the doorstep with a click, consumers crave for that human connection. With the use of handmade products, they like to know that they are spending their money on products made by a real person and have an authenticity behind it. Consumers enjoy being able to give items that are unique, memorable and environmentally conscious.
Just as they enjoy the idea of being able to make a difference in other people’s lives, simply by purchasing items they likely would have bought anyway. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The 10th Wedding Anniversary

It’s a special day for your favourite couple... it’s their 10th Wedding Anniversary!
But you are at a loss--what do you gift them and how do you choose the 'right' gift?

Coppre presents some choice tips and an array of gifting options from their varied collections.

An important tip:  A good way to start is to choose something which both the partners can use and relate to.  That way one does not have to look for multiple products either!

Idea #1: Coppre for the couple with a sweet-tooth

Chocolates & Coppre: Get the most delectable handmade chocolates in town and put in one of our exquisite copper urli or copper trinket box.

copper floaters

Idea #2:  Coppre for the house-proud couple

Lights & Flowers: Enchanting lights to decorate a romantic evening for the twosome. For that special occasion when partners cook a special meal for their significant other.

handcrafted copper tealights

Idea #3: Coppre for the perfect host

Eclectic Tableware: Distinctive tableware to display when the discerning guests come calling. Coppre tableware is guaranteed to enhance the aesthetic value of any table.

unique wedding gifts

Idea #4: Coppre for the health-conscious

Wellness water bearers: The pure copper water bottle which is a must-have for any health-conscious couple. We have an array of carafes, jugs, and tumblers, which juxtapose the teachings of traditional Ayurveda with modern convenience. 

copper anniversary gifts

The last tip: Be sure to inform the owners of your Coppre gift that the decor items are all lacquered and need not be scrubbed to maintain the shine. Infact they should just clean with a soft wet cloth. The kitchen grade (wellness series above) is not lacquered and need to be cleaned with a metal polish or lime/tamarind to retain the shine. The black spots which will come due to natural oxidation is not harmful for health in any way.

Looking for unique anniversary gifts? Visit our website

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

5 Best Ways to Use Copper Urlis/Floaters

Derived from the Tamil word Urulai which means ‘round bowl,’ Urlis were traditionally used to prepare ayurvedic medicines and cook food for festive occasions in India. The humble Urli or Floater has now evolved into a chic piece of modern décor and tableware.

 Try our pure copper floaters that come in varying shapes and sizes. It is a great handcrafted accent piece for your home or office and can be used in multiple ways – as a serveware, organizer, floater, tray and more. These handcrafted, utilitarian accents add the element of newness and panache! Copper’s resplendent colour shines through the hand-beaten surface of our Floaters.

 1. Float Flowers and Tealights - Create a relaxing and meditative ambience when the sun goes down by floating fresh flowers and tealight candles in the Royal Floater. You can use jasmine, frangipani, marigold, lilies or any other flowers you like. The flowers can be floated as a whole or sprinkle their petals in water. Place it in the foyer, nook or as a centerpiece on a table.

2. Serve Rotis and Breads - Give your regular serveware a miss! The copper Meditation Urli can be used for special occasions when you are entertaining guests. Line it with a cloth, butter paper or banana leaf and use it to serve, handmade rotis, bhakris, thalipeeth and various other breads made from healthy millets, wheat or rice flours. Wet food should not be put in copperware unless it is tinned or has a stainless steel lining.

3. Serve Sweets and Nuts - Add a gorgeous royal touch of silver to your tableware with our Silvered Resonance Floater. Silver is non-toxic, rich in antibacterial properties and believed to boost immunity. You can not only enjoy sweets and nuts but a wide range of other food items.

4. Serve Tidbits - The Resonance Floater can also be used to serve tidbits and munchies when you have family and friends over. A great conversation starter, lay out your snacks in style and have a great time together with your loved ones!

5. Stock your Chocolates - Lastly, if you are a chocoholic then the Meditation Urli can also double up to serve and stock your favorite chocolates.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Coppre at Jaipur Lit Fest

We loved the aura in Jaipur - the mélange of heritage, culture and literature at The Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2017. It was hosted in the 150-year-old Diggi Palace spread over 18 lush acres creating a lovely ambiance for the literati, book lovers and story tellers that thronged the venue between 19th – 23rd January.  

Aavaran, Rangsutra , Urmul, were some of the organisations that exhibited at the event. Many came to say hello and see our gleaming handcrafted metal ware. We took with us pure copper bookmarks – especially handcrafted for JLF. We reckon being book aficionados ourselves, book lovers love good bookmarks. Bookmarks that can be used for a lifetime, and then, passed on. No prizes for guessing, they were absolutely cherished and nearly sold out! We’re gearing up to launch them soon on our web boutique.

A trip to Jaipur is incomplete without going on a few arts and crafts jaunts. We had to go to Thateron ka Rasta, where metal craftsmen reside and still work with traditional hand tools and create beautiful heritage wares. The precincts themselves have a recorded history of over 200 years. We couldn’t get enough of the beautiful pieces and workmanship thriving here!

The Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing near Amer Fort, in the charming restored haveli, the Museum displays a wide selection of block printed textiles, images, craftsmen thus, giving an insight into the heritage craft of block printing. A jaunt we highly recommend to anybody visiting Jaipur. This place offers a befitting tribute to the legacy of block printing – something we wish will eventually happen for most if not all heritage crafts.

Last but not the least, a mention of the delectable local delicacies that the Pink City had to offer! From Chaats, Diggipuri ki Kulhad masala chai, Anokhi Café to Steam at Rambagh Palace, we loved it all! Five days in the city and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to visiting Jaipur next year. 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Must-have Handicrafts to Give your Home the Indian Touch

Have you moved into a new home? Or looking to revamp and revitalize corners of your home? Here are some of our handcrafted, utilitarian accents to add that element of newness and panache.

A floater with flowers and tealights brings in a meditative and somber ambience. Try our Floaters that come in varying shapes and sizes – from the large royal floater as a centerpiece or the resonance floater for a nook. Most of our floaters can also double up for use as tableware to serve up an assortment of cookies or nuts.

Our hand-etched copper boxes are unique and great for utility. Tuck away precious treasures for the little things that matter. Or store and serve knick-knacks like dry fruits or chocolates. You could use it to house your favourite jewellery, cosmetics or for storing stationery at your office desk.

The little things matter. And when it comes to Indian home décor and tealights, it definitely matters! Tealights are the new-age rendition of the age-old practice of lighting diyas each evening.  Our tealights and votives light up and highlight the ambience and the skilfully rendered work of the artisans. Our copper tealights add a subtle richness and auspiciousness and is sure to fill any corner of your home with warmth and majesty.

We try to bring together old-world wisdom and new-age design in our Wellness series of Water Carafes and Tumblers. Highly recommended by Ayurveda, drinking copper-charged water is beneficial in more ways than one and in more ways than one. Our Wellness Water series is crafted in pure copper and will add the most authentic touch on Indianness with the goodness of Ayurveda. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nilesh Sharad Kadu

Nilesh Kadu has been a Tambat craftsman for the last 15 to 16 years. The reticent and modest 40 year old craftsman has an eye for detail and perfection and a good sense for finishing. He knows copper as a metal- up-close and personal. 

He is skilled at cutting, embossing and finishing- skill sets that are traditionally considered 'non-essential' in the Tambat craft community where mathaarkaam, or beaten work, is at the top of the pyramid of skills. But these skill sets are essential in creating world-class handcrafted wares as people have become more discerning about the quality and finesse of the products they buy. 

Nilesh is happy about making Coppre wares as he gets to know more people and people get to know of him. Most importantly he benefits a great deal from learning new techniques that enhance his skills, such as lacquering, he says.   

When asked about the future unfolding for Tambat craft, Nilesh says the craft has a 'bright future'.  He feels that the next generation of Tambat craftsmen like the craft, but are not keen on working with their hands. They only fancy upmarket products which accrue a good remuneration. Nilesh's insight can be considered as a cue to encourage the younger generation to take on their ancestral vocation for not only Tambat craft but many others as well. 

Nilesh says he loves his work and would like to eventually have his own workshop and make a name for himself. As for his work with Coppre, he has already made his mark. And even though he doesn't do the mathaarkaam or 'beaten work' on each of the Coppre wares, his indelible impressions of cut and finish are on each its wares.